Thursday, September 6, 2012

Your Life Is No Mistake

Sometimes the pain is too hard to bear
And the burdens are so heavy I can barely stand tall
My faith doesn't seem to move these mountains
Nothing appears to help at all

I don't know why I bother
I'm sure this is as good as life gets
I must be crazy to believe
That I deserve anything better than this

My mother says I was a mistake
My father never loved me enough to show his face
I have no one to call a friend
I wonder why I was ever born into this place

My life serves no purpose
Nothing about it makes sense
I feel like I'm just taking up space
My existence, to me, is nothing but suspense

Why did God put me here
In this dark, empty world of mine
Why would He make me suffer
Searching for acceptance and purpose I can never seem to find

God if you hear me
Please tell me why
Why would you give me life
When all I feel is death inside

My child, I hear you
I hear you loud and clear
I am perfect in all that I do
It's by no mistake that you are here

Before I formed you in your mother's womb
I knew everything about you
I loved you and chose you to be my own
And I gave you purpose too

It doesn't matter what your mother says
Or what your father failed to do
I love you with an everlasting love
And I will never forsake you

Despite what you see of your life right now
My plans for you are good
I have hope and a future for you
My child, you've misunderstood

See, you were created on purpose
In me, nothing is happenstance
I will show you who I designed you to be
If only you'd give me a chance

In me is where you find life
For I am The Living Well
If you lose yourself completely in me
Oh what a testimony you'll soon tell

Your best days are still ahead
Don't you give up your life
Keep your eyes focused on me
And sunshine will fill even your darkest nights

Give me the shattered pieces of your life
And I will restore it fully  unto thee
For I am The Master Potter
And you, My child, are my masterpiece

Perfectly created
Loved unconditionally
Accepted completely
A mistake, by no means.

~LaKeisha Rainey-Collins~
Copyright 2012

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