Monday, August 30, 2010

Check Your List...

With over half of 2010 already out the door, I began reflecting on everything I said I wanted to accomplish this year. I was among the many who quoted In 2010 I'm getting it in (or was I the only one who said that?)  On the last day of December 2009, I wrote an itemized list of twenty-two things I wanted to see happen this year. I stood at the altar during my church's Watch-Night Service and placed my list before God.  There were things I'd written down that only God could do, and there were some things that just required me to do a little work, from emotional healing to dropping a few pounds.  As I read over my list today, a huge smile came across my face.  I realized that twenty of the things on my list have already been accomplished, or is in the process of being accomplished...some big, some small. Wow! I hadn't even really realized it.  Though it's had a few rough patches, with the help of God, 2010 is turning out to be one of my best years yet.  I haven't gotten the house I want, or a million bucks mysteriously deposited into my bank account (ok, that one wasn't on the list, LOL), but God has done a new thing within me and I am beyond ecstatic. And though I haven't centered my life around this list, it's great to look back and see the progress I've made, both spiritually and naturally. My personal slogan was Life begins in 2010, new life, that is.  And it has indeed been so.

I'm sure that, at the beginning of 2010, you made a list or at least had a few things in mind that you wanted to accomplish this year.  When's the last time you took a peek at your list or reflected on your thoughts for the year? Have you made progress?  If not, it's okay.  The year isn't over yet. And if you don't have a list, make one.  Afterall, Habakuk 2:2 tells us to write the vision. Put it on paper.

Pull out your list, or create one if you need to, and see what moves you've made between January and today.  If you've been a little lax or procrastinating, today is the day to get moving.  You still have time to make 2010 your best year yet.  Don't give up on your dreams or goals just because a little time has passed you by...the good thing about dreams is that they live on until you accomplish them.  You still have time to develop a closer relationship with Christ, jumpstart that business, enroll in school, lose 20 lbs, start writing that book you've been dreaming about...whatever it is, get to it.

Today, I encourage you to get moving.  And if you're already on the ball, then keep on pushing until you get where you're trying to go. In all things, never forget that although we may create our own list, God has the masterplan.  So acknowledge Him always and allow Him to direct your path.

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Only A Distraction


Whatever it is Satan has thrown your way today, know that it is only a distraction in an attempt to take your focus off what God is doing in your life.  The enemy is mad right now, because he knows that God is up to something great in your life and he does not want you to walk in the overflow of love, peace, joy and happiness that is coming your way.

So to try to cause you to doubt that your breakthrough is indeed just around the corner, he throws a curveball in the mix.  Either he presents a new problem, or he intensifies the very area you've been praying about. 

But, don't you worry and don't you fret, because he is a liar and the promises of God are true. You see, the devil knows that everytime God's promises are made manifest in our lives, it fuels our faith and causes us to become stronger in Christ.  The is the last thing Satan wants to happen, because he knows that it makes it that much harder for him to come in and destroy us, which is his ultimate goal.

So he uses little, or sometimes big, stumbling blocks to try to deter us and cause us to waver in our faith, but I serve him notice today that no weapon he may form shall prosper.  God has given us power over the enemy; therefore, he is already defeated.

I don't care what it looks like's only a distraction.  God's promises are still yes and amen, and you can guarantee that He is going to do just what He said He would do.  Don't cry; don't get frustrated; don't fall apart...instead, keep your eyes fixed on the Lord and trust that He will stand by His word.

Today, I bind the hand of the enemy on your life and I loose the blessings of God to flow freely and overtake you.  No matter the distraction, know that you are blessed and very highly favored.  Tell that old devil to scat!

Enjoy your week-end!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your Place of Worship

When is the last time you visited your place of worship?  And I'm not talking about the church you attend.  I'm referring to that place where God's presence envelopes your heart and your spirit connects with His spirit.  Do you frequent that place?

First things first, worship is a lifestyle. It's honoring and glorifying God in every area of your life on a daily basis.  It's not the 15 minutes during church service when the praise team is singing a slow song.  Sure enough, the times when we assemble together to worship God serve as motivation to usher us into the spirit of worship; however, it is ultimately our personal relationship with Christ that allows us the opportunity to truly enter into His holy presence.

Anyone who has experienced the presence of God, through worship, knows that there is no greater place to be.  It's through your place of worship that God's presence engulfs your heart and He wraps you sweetly in His bosom, like a mother swaddling her newborn baby. In that moment nothing matters, except basking in His glory.  You see, when you worship God and tap into His presence, you find everything you need - peace; comfort; healing; joy, deliverance; hope; love;...whatever it is you stand in need of can be found in the holy of holies. 

Many of us can't find what we need from God because we don't take time to get in His presence.  Today, I encourage you to find your place of worship, not because you need something from God, but simply because you want to commune with Him and delight in His company.  I urge you to invoke the presence of God in your life...nothing compares to it.  Remember, they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and truth. (John 4:24)

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often.

Your sister in Christ,

Monday, August 23, 2010

No New Post

Happy Monday! (Though we're mid-way through it) I know you're expecting a new post today, but God is dealing with me about something, and I just feel led to remain in His presence and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to me before I put anything out.   Gotta listen when He speaks!

I will have fresh, Divine Words for you Wednesday.  In the meantime, be sure to pray, study God's word and spend a little time in His presence.  I'm sure that, with that combination, whatever burden you're carrying will become a bit lighter.

Thank you for understanding!

Love you,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow Your Path

Hi Divine Words family!!  You guys inspire me soooooo much to keep doing what God said do...I can't express that enough.  You don't have to take the time to stop by the blog, but you do.  Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much.  And to those of you who share the blog with your friends by posting it on your Facebook, or word of mouth, thank you does not suffice for the gratitude I have in my heart.  May God bless you richly!

I just want to leave a short word of encouragement with you:

The path that you are on is the path that God has designed specifically for you.  It may have a few bumps, curves, road blocks, detours, U-turns and red lights, but if you allow the Holy Spirit to be your personal navigation system, you won't be led astray.  Don't fix your eyes on where the next person is headed and try to follow their path; instead, embrace where God is taking you, even if it's along the road less traveled. 

Only God knows the path you should take, so seek only Him for direction...YOUR path leads to YOUR purpose.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6~

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laugh...It's Good For You!

A cheerful heart is good medicine... Proverbs 17:22

Hey guys!! Thanks so, so much for stopping by the blog today.  It warms my heart everytime I get a comment about how the blog is being a blessing to your life, and I give God all the glory and praise for allowing me the opportunity to reach out and touch His people.  Keep me lifted in prayer as I continue to go forth in Him.

Today, I don't want to talk about problems, trials, tribulations, setbacks, upsets, disappointments, struggles or anything that weighs us down.  Not to make light of what anyone may be going through, but today I just want to lighten your heavy heart and invite a little laughter in.

So many of us go through day-to-day life feeling burdened down, angry, snappy, bitter and wearing a chip on our shoulder, and we never take the time to smile, laugh, be carefree and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  One thing I love about being a mother to young children is that they are almost always filled with such joy and laughter.  The simplest things make them laugh and they help to fill my heart with such cheer.

I made up in my mind that I spent enough days feeling down and out, and everyday I would find a reason to laugh.  I allowed such a huge cloud of heaviness to hover me for so long that I'd forgotten how much of a dorky goofball I am!!  These days, I'm embracing my inner silly and loving every moment of it!

Not every moment in our lives has to be spent being's perfectly okay to laugh a little every now and then.  Laughter is healing to your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Even scripture tells us that there is a time to laugh.  Today, I encourage you to make it a habit to be a bit more cheerful and belt out a few good laughs as much and as often as you possibly can.  Not only will it lighten your heart, but it just may help lighten someone else's heart.  So, go on and have a good know you want to!! Click here for information on how a little cheer can make a big difference.

Here's a little something to get you started! :-D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Press Your Way

Blogging has not at all come easy for me today.  I began a post about five hours ago, only to find myself stuck and unable to move forward with what I had orignally planned to write.  After becoming frustrated and developing a headache, I made a quick decision to just forget it and try again Wednesday.  But, something deep within me just wasn't satisfied with not posting anything today.  Not because I simply love to write, but because this is an assignment from God and I promised Him that, as long as I could help it, I would not allow anything to get in the way of me living out His divine purpose for my life. 

You see, when you truly love God your earnest desire is to please Him. And when He has mandated you to carry out a specific assignment, it doesn't really matter much how you feel or what obstacles get in your way, you yet have a responsibility to press your way through and do whatever it is He has instructed you to do.

The problem with many of us is that as soon as a little adversity comes our way, we are quick to quit. We make excuses like:
  • Maybe it's just not meant for me to do this.
  • Maybe I'll try again another time.
  • Maybe it wasn't really God who spoke to my heart and told me to do this...
Maybe, maybe, maybe... But, do we ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, God is using what we see as adversity to test our true faithfulness to Him?  He just may be testing the true extent of our love for Him.  Because if we truly love Him, we will always seek to please Him in every way possible.  And it pleases God when we are obedient to His call upon our lives whether it comes easy to us or not.

Today, I encourage you to press your way to your destiny so that you may fulfill the calling upon your life.  Whatever it is God has mandated you to carry out, do it.  Things aren't always going to flow easy, but if you just press your way things will definitely come together.  Don't allow anything - big, small, tangible or intangible - to keep you from pleasing your God. 

I'd like to leave you with some of the lyrics to a song entitled Do What He Said that says:

You've gotta do it if He called you to it
Don't make no excuses, take hold of your destiny
You're anointed and you've been appointed
Don't you give up on it, fulfill your calling

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He'll Give You Rest

Last night, I had some of the best rest I've had in months.  I slept better than a baby.  No tossing and turning.  No waking up throughout the night. I had peaceful, uninterrupted rest.  I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated like I had spent an entire week on a relaxing vacation filled with spa treatments.  OK, maybe not THAT rejuvenated! LOL!   It's amazing the difference a little rest can make.  To some of you this may not seem like a big deal, but for me it is.  You see, for a really long time I was in such an intense spiritual fight for my life that I absolutely could not sleep at night.  My mind and spirit would not rest; therefore, neither would my body.  Day by day I grew weary and we all know it's absolutely impossible to function at your best when you lack adequate rest.

I began to meditate on a familiar scripture that says "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)  I remember diligently seeking God for in my mind, spirit and body.  And He has done just that - given me sweet rest.  He is a rewarder to them that diligently seek Him.

I know that we sometimes find ourselves fighting the intense storms of life, and we often become weary in the process to progress, but God is right there with arms outstreched saying My child, come...I am your resting place.  So many times we carry around our problems on our back, when, as children of God, we don't have to.  1 Peter 5:7 tells us to cast ALL of our cares upon Him because He cares for us.  Because we fail to do so, we become burdened down and burnt out.  There's a song my grandmother used to sing around the house when I was a little girl entitled What A Friend We Have in Jesus that I often find myself singing. Part of that song says:

Oh what peace we often forfeit; Oh what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer

I didn't understand that song as a little girl, but do I ever now! 

You don't have to feel exhausted while you're being groomed for greatness because we serve a great, big God that specializes in handling great, big problems.  You don't have to worry, you don't have to fret, you don't even have to lose sleep becuase God's got it all under control, no matter how out of whack things may appear.  I dare you to steal away to Him; I promise you'll find solace in His presence.

Run into His arms.  He will give you sweet, refreshing, rejuvenating rest, both naturally and spiritually, smack dab in the middle of your toughest storm.  Don't believe me?  Take Him at His word and try Him.  Afterall, His word is His bond!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Covered By The Blood

This morning as I was on my way home from dropping my son, Joey, off for his first day of 2nd grade, I was having my usual morning talk with God.  My talk suddenly changed from giving God thanks to pleading the blood of Jesus.  I began pleading the blood over my home, husband, children, and even the car I was driving.  Little did I know that only a few seconds after ending my blood pleading session, that I would need that same blood to cover me in an instant. 

I was sitting at a red light with my 1 year-old son in the back seat, securely strapped in his car seat.  Usually when a light turns green I wait about 3 seconds before taking off, just in case a car decides to speed through the changing light.  Well, this morning I was in a bit of a hurry.  So when the light turned green, with no delay, I put my foot on the gas.  But, my truck didn't move.  Before I could even put my foot on the gas again, I looked up to see that a car had ran the red light at an alarming speed.  The car that was next to me had taken off when the light turned green and almost collided with the car that ran the red light.  All I could hear was screeching tires.  "Oh my God...thank you Jesus!"  I said out loud while holding my chest.  Had I taken off when the light initially turned red, my baby boy and I probably would have been in a horrible accident.  But thank God for the blood of Jesus!!!  It covered, protected and preserved the life of my son and I.

As I was thanking God for His divine protection, the story of the Passover in the Old Testament came to mind, in which the firstborn of every family was doomed to die. The Israelites were instructed by God to place the blood of a lamb on their doorposts, so that the plague of His judgment would “pass over” their houses.  One scripture stuck out in my mind:

“Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you..." (Exodus 12:13)

The Isrealites were God's chosen people and God's always protects His people.  We are God's chosen generation and we are covered by His blood.  Being covered by the blood ensures that we are safe from destruction by the enemy's hand.  Yes, the devil will try to destroy us and he may even hurt us in the process, but because the blood of Jesus is our shield, he can not prevail.

We should never take lightly the power of the blood of Christ.  It is the blood that washes and makes us white as snow.  It's the blood that heals all manner of disease.  It's the blood that covers and protects us from the hand of the enemy.  Nothing can prevail against the blood of Christ. 

Plead the blood of Christ over your life, your children's life, your home, your job, your finances, your marriage...everything!  I don't know about you, but I thank God for the blood that was shed at Calvary.  As the old congregational song says:

There is power, power
wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb
There is power, power
wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Being Me

Though not the route I originally planned to take, today I want to be a little transparent. I hope you don't mind...

Growing up, I really didn't like myself.  I wasn't considered pretty or popular and I was always shy and quiet. I was raised by my grandmother who was on a fixed income, so there wasn't much money to spare on the latest fashion.  I'm not going to even talk about my hair *smh*.  As a result, I was often teased and bullied. On top of that, my natural father was never in my life, and that alone made me feel unloved and unwanted. 

There was nothing I wanted more than to be loved and accepted, and I would conform in whatever way I needed to to obtain it.  I thought that because I didn't like who I was, I needed to be someone other than myself for others to like me. This often meant going against the morals and principles that my sweet grandmother had instilled in me.  I believed that if I could get others to love, or even like me, then maybe I would love myself. Boy was I wrong. Instead of gaining the love and acceptance I so desperately longed for from others, insecurity, depression and loneliness became my best friends; all of which followed me well into my adult life. 

There were times that I believed God had made a mistake in making me who I was. Though I accepted Christ at an early age and was taught that I was created in His image and He loved me, I didn't believe it.  By this point, I had taken on so many characteristics from people I wanted to be like, that I had absolutely no idea who I was.  I thought how can God love me when I don't even know who I am? What I didn't realize is that although I didn't know the real me, God did, and he loved me for me.  I wanted that. I wanted to love myself the way God did.

Though not very long ago, I eventually grew tired of my relationship with insecurity and depression.  I decided that we needed to cut all ties and go our separate ways.  Through MUCH prayer, fasting, wise counsel and studying God's word, God showed me my identity. I was introduced to the real me...the person God created me to be.  One that is beautiful, loved and accepted...and I like her.  Better yet, I love her.

Today, I am a confident woman who loves every part of herself and embraces her own uniqueness.  It's taken me a while to reach this point, but I thank God for the journey. You see, God reminded me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and His works are wonderful. (Psalm 139:14) 

I don't know who this is for today, but know that you are one of God's wonderful are beautiful, you are loved and you are accepted just as you are. Your value is not predicated by the acceptance of others, but by the fact that you were made in the image and likeness of Christ. Love yourself!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lord, Give Me Strength

Oh goodness, I overslept! That's what I thought to myself when I opened my eyes this morning and realized that I'd slept a whole hour longer than I should have. Why didn't the alarm go off? I checked the clock on the night-stand next to the bed thinking that maybe I forgot to turn it on, but nope, it was on...I just didn't hear it. "I'm so tired," I said out loud while stretching and trying to peel myself out of the bed, and thinking about how exhausted I've been feeling lately. For a quick second, I considered taking a personal day from work, taking the kids to the sitter and staying home to catch up on some rest.  Instead I whispered, "Lord, give me strength" and proceeded to get my day started (although I would have been just fine doing absolutely nothing today.)

Though I'm a bit sluggish and my eyes are still a little heavy, I know that God will give me the strength I need to make it through the day.

I think we all experience times in our life when we are just flat-out tired, whether it's emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally. I have definitely found myself praying for strength in all of the aforementioned areas at some time or another in my life. 

When we feel exhausted, in whatever area, our drive to keep going diminishes and before long we'll find ourself wanting to shut down.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with's necessary.  But, the type of exhaustion I'm speaking about is one that makes you want to give up and throw in the towel.  One that says I'm tired of this...I can't do it anymore...I quit.  The kind that seemingly depletes every ounce of strength you have.  We must always be mindful of the fact that the enemy will try to creep in and infiltrate our mind and spirit by any means necessary, and if it even looks like we're about to give in that's when he'll come in and try to wreak havoc in our life.  We can't let that happen...give no room to the devil (as the old folks say).

During those times when I feel my strength failing, whether natural or spiritual, I whisper a simple little prayer, "Lord, give me strength. With your strength I know I can make it."  And he indeed gives me the strength and fortitude I need to go on a little further. I just love God.

If you find yourself tired, exhausted, burnt out...just say Lord, give me strength.  Or even if you've just got a lot on your plate and you need a little strength to carry out the assignments God has given you, just say Lord, give me strength.  With His strength you'll make it.

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's On the Way

I think I have a slight case of the Monday Blues today.  I guess because I had a long, very eventful weekend and all my body and mind wants to do today is rest, but it's back to business as time to rest.

As I was trying to get my brain working today and seeking God for what to blog about, someone stopped in my office and gave me an encouraging word.  The gist of what she said was It's On The Way.  I instantly became excited and gave God praise because there are definitely some things I need from Him and hearing that encouragement today confirmed that what I've so diligently been seeking God about are indeed on the way, just as He had not long before spoken to me.

When we urgently need something from God it can seem like He is taking forever to come through, but when can rest assured that when He does, it'll be right on time.

So today, I'd just like to encourage you to keep praying and believing God because whatever IT is, it's on the way.  Sometimes it may seem that God has forgotten, but He hasn't.  Everything works according to His perfect will, so in His timing it'll all come together.

Whether it's a job, house, car, physical, spiritual or emotional healing...get excited and go ahead and give God an advance praise because your IT is on the way!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!!

Your sister in Christ,