Tuesday, January 29, 2013

These Eyes, This Heart, This Mind, This Spirit...

These eyes have seen dark days

This heart has felt much sorrow
This mind has battled depression
This spirit had lost all hope for tomorrow

These eyes have seen loved ones disappear
This heart has created walls
This mind has fought for mental stability 
This spirit has endured countless pitfalls

These eyes have seen deep struggle
This heart has been severely damaged
This mind has overcome confusion 
This spirit has fought to manage

But somehow I survived...

The trauma these eyes have seen
The aches this heart has felt
The anguish this mind has battled
The brokenness with which this spirit has dealt

How did I survive?
It surely wasn't by chance
It wasn't in my own strength
Nor by the power of my weak hands

It's because these eyes learned to look to Jesus 
This heart learned to embrace His love
This mind learned to seek His peace
This spirit connected to The Power Source above

These eyes now see the beauty of life
This heart now joy exudes
This mind now rests in serenity
This spirit has been wholly rescued

That's how I survived
Yes, Jesus
He's kept these eyes, this heart, this mind, this spirit alive


  1. Beautiful poem! All glory to God!

  2. http://disciplesjesus.blogspot.ro/2013/11/is-god-you-worship-true-god.html


I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!