Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You'll Make It

Last night, I was lying in bed trying my hardest to fall asleep and all I could think of is how tired I was going to be this morning.  I haven't been able to sleep much for the past few weeks.  You see, I've been in an all out fight with the enemy.  He is trying his best to get the best of me, and I must admit, sometimes it gets so exhausting that I just want to hand it right on over to him just so he'll leave me alone.  Geesh!  Don't worry though, there's NO CHANCE of that happening!

As I lay in my bed tossing, turning and becoming more and more frustrated, I heard a sweet, soft voice whisper "You'll make it!"  "Huh?" I responded, knowing good and well that no one else was in the room with me.  Again, this soft whisper said "you'll make it."  I smiled and softly said "thank you, Jesus!"  After that, I fell asleep and slept through the ENTIRE night!  Praise the Lord!!

Constantly fighting with the devil can be extremely exhausting.  So much so that it can make you wonder if God really loves you.  You begin to question your salvation, your purpose and your God.  And this is exactly what that old devil wants you to do.  He wants you to become so frustrated, irritated and agitated that you give up on God, give up on yourself and throw in the towel.  He will work overtime to fill your head with lies and try to convince you that they are true. Oh, but he is a liar and a defeated foe!

I love it when God whispers ever so sweetly to my spirit in the midst of a battle, because it assures me that He's there and He's concerned about me.  Don't you just love God?!  No matter how spiritually exhausted we may become, God is saying you'll make it!  I know how hard the fight can be, but I want to encourage you to hang in there.  YOU WILL MAKE IT! 

I always say, just when you feel like you're about to go under, God helps you stay afloat.  He doesn't necessarily bring us least not until His perfect timing...but He will give us the strength and fortitude to endure the difficult seasons in our lives and keep our mind and spirit in tact.  You see, God knows that it's in the fight where He refines, shapes and molds us to be what it is He has called us to be, so clearly He will not let us lose ourselves in the midst of it.

No matter the fight you're in, just as God whispered these words to my spirit, I am saying to you, "You'll make it!"  Hang in there, keep the faith and continuously seek God for the strength and courage to stay steadfast in the fight.  When the battle is over, you'll be glad you stayed in the fight because God's glory will be revealed in and through you! 

There's a classic Hezekiah Walker song I'd like to share with you:  "I'll Make It"

Til we meet again,

Live more...worry less...laugh often!


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