Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

**NOTE: This is a repost of my very first article published in EEW Magazine back in September 2010.

“Good riddance,” I thought to myself as 2009 officially came to an end. I was too happy to step over into a new year, because 2009 had proven to be one of the most trying years of my life. Facing one situation after another, depression, despair and distress had become all too familiar to me. But, I told myself that 2010 was going to be better…things were going to change.

A few months into the year I realized something – nothing had gotten better. In fact, things were worse. How could this be? I’m praying; I’m in church every Sunday; I’m praising and quoting scriptures, so why isn’t God changing the situations in my life? Why am I sinking deeper into depression, and continuing to feel defeated?

One day, smack dab in the midst of one of my lowest valleys, I had an Aha! moment – Your situations haven’t changed because your mind hasn’t changed. There I was, expecting victory when my mind was still wrapped around defeat. I had to realize that change first began in my mind. Before anything else, the paradigm of my thinking needed to shift. It was then that I adopted the motto Change your mind, change your life.

Through continuous prayer, fasting and meditating on God’s word, God began to destroy the yoke of bondage in my mind. Although it wasn’t easy, it was in the changing of my mind that the spirit of depression and defeat were lifted and I learned how to deal with the trials in my life, instead of allowing them to deal with me. Though not every wrong situation in my life has been made right, because my mind has changed, my life is changing for the better and it’s absolutely amazing.

Change begins in your mind. The thoughts you think determine your attitude. Your attitude determines your actions. Your actions determine your outcome. The adversary wants nothing more than to entangle your mind with thoughts of defeat, hopelessness and despair, in hopes of causing you to give up on life. I encourage you to tell the devil he’s a liar and seek God for a mental makeover. Ask Him to rid your mind of every debilitating thought that keeps you from moving forward, and help you to take on the mind of Christ.

 As your mind begins to change, so will the situations in your life. Your thoughts will change; your attitude will change; your actions will change; your outcome will change. Think victoriously!

~May you live in His love.~

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