Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Transitioning and Letting Go...

Hi Divine Words family!  I have missed you guys since last Friday.  I'm in a transition with my job, and things have been a little out of sorts.  Nevertheless, I've learned a great lesson from it all.

I'm in the process of transitioning from one job position to another.  My new position required that I move my work space to a different location.  Anybody who's ever had to relocate, whether to a new home or office space, knows that it takes a minute before everything is in order and put into its perspective place.

While packing up my old office, there were a few things I had to get rid of, because there was no real need for it in my new office.  There were things I needed for my old position, that are unnecessary for where I am now.  Dragging those things along would have only created clutter, and limited my work space. 

This gave me revelation about how God is transitioning me spiritually, and removing some things and people from my life.  He revealed to me that not everyone, or everything, is a necessary part of where He's taking me. There are some people who don't understand my new position in Christ; therefore, trying to drag them along this transition with me would only create clutter, and limit God's work space in my life. 

Sometimes, you've got to get rid of some people in your life in order to allow God to have full access to your heart and mind.  Every now and then, it'll be those that are closest to you.  I've had to remind myself that I am not supposed to have a lifetime connection to everyone that is in my life.  God places people in our lives for different reasons, and sometimes it's only for a few seasons.

It definitely hurts when God begins to remove people from your life, because at the surface, it seems that those people that were closest to you are becoming your enemies.  But in reality, it all just God's way of clearing up some space so that He can fully use you for His glory.

You know, God is perfect in all of His ways, and I have come to realize that there is purpose in every single thing He allows to happen in our lives.  Transition is not always an easy process, but it's definitely one that is a necessary part of growth.  I don't know about you, but I never want to stop growing in Christ.  So, as hard as it may sometimes be, I am willing to let go of whatever, or whoever I need to in order to continue to go forth in Him.

Trust that God knows what and who is best for you.  Though the transition may be a little rough at times, if you'd just allow God to have His perfect work in you, you'll look back and realize that it was all for your good, and for His glory.

Til we meet, laugh, love!

Peace & Blessings,


  1. Great blog. Just what I was needing to read today. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patti!

      I am so blessed to know that this word connected with you. Thanks so much for reading. Blessings to you!


I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!