Monday, March 7, 2011

My Sister's Keeper

Today my friend from across the miles, Dianna Hobbs, who recently underwent surgery after sustaining an injury from a fall is heavy on my heart and mind today.  Not heavy as in a burden, but in a way that provokes me to fervently seek God on her behalf.  Today, I ask that you join me in being my sister's keeper, and lift her up in prayer.  Rejoice with me for her total recovery and healing.

You know, I used to never take seriously the fact that we are indeed our sister's keeper.  I never even really understood what it meant.  That is, until I met sisters who became my keeper.

They prayed for me when I couldn't pray for myself; lifted me up when I was too weak to stand on my own; encouraged me when I was down; and continue to inspire and motivate me to be the woman God destined me to be.  And yes, as I've shared on the blog before, Dianna is definitely one of those sisters in my life.

I know Dianna has thousands of sisters praying for her and keeping her lifted, but there are so many of our sisters that are alone in their fight.  Some of them are our neighbors, our church members, our co-workers, our favorite cashier...women just like us who need someone to be their keeper.  Someone to encourage them in their time of trouble, and lift them before The Father.

Whether we want to realize it or not, we are our sister's keeper.  Especially as women of God.  It is our responsiblity to cover each other in prayer, inspire and encourage one another, and help one another along this journey through life.  None of us can make it alone. I'm sure there have been times in your life where if it had not been for a sister in corner, you would not have made it through a rough time in your life.

So why not be that same support for another sister.  We should have such Godly love for our sisters that we feel compelled to continuously cover one another in prayer.

Ladies, we are our sister's keeper.  Let's lift, support, encourage, and love one another. We all need one another.

Til we meet, laugh, love!

Peace & Blessings,

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog article, I had not heard that Diana had fell and need attention...she is in my prayers and I know if it God's will be giving us her testimony....!

    "Keeping my sister's in prayer"


I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!