Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Perfect Anti-histamine

Pollen is not my eight year old son Joey's friend.  If he comes into contact with one particle of pollen, he almost immediately has a flare up.  Itchy, watery, swollen eyes; scratchy throat and nose; uncontrollable breaks my heart to see him suffer so badly.

Because his flare-ups are so bad during the spring-time, I came up with a simple solution to help minimize his suffering.  Every morning, no matter what, I give him a dose of his allergy medicine.  Because the antihistamine is already in his system, whenever he comes into contact with pollen, dust, or latex his allergies are not affected.  But should I forget to give him his daily dose, those allergens put a good whooping on my baby.

I thought about how this applies to us spiritually.  I figure pollen represents Satan, and the antihistamine represents The Word of God.

Unlike Joey's allergies, Satan's attacks are not seasonal...they are year-round.  Coming into contact with Satan often causes our natural man to flare up.  Depression, sexual immorality, gossip, lying, hatred...he can cause our flesh to act up pretty badly.

But, if we have God's word as our antihistamine against Satan, then why is it that many of us find ourselves constantly having a spiritual allergy attack?  It's because we often fail to be consistent with making sure we get our daily dose of medicine...God's word.

Ephesians 6:11 tells us, "Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes."  A big part of that armor is the Word.  Without it we have no power against the enemy. It is absolutely imperative that we feed our spirit daily, so that we will have what we need to combat the devil.

I know life gets busy, and sometimes it's hard to set aside that time to get our daily dose from our Father through His word; however, unless we want to find ourselves constantly falling prey to spiritual allergens, I think it behooves us all to be consistent in filling up on the perfect allergen blocker...the Word of God.

Til we meet, laugh, love!

Peace & Blessings,

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