Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful, Valuable, Worthy, & Whole

In God's image you were strategically crafted
Bone structure, curves, the color of your eyes He mastered
He took His time to make sure you were perfect
Nothing broken, nothing scarred
nothing missing, nothing flawed
A masterpiece exemplifying pure beauty
I imagine Him marveling at His creation
thinking "Hmmm, she looks good to me"
If fearfully and wonderfully made
Your worth high above rubies
Why do you devalue yourself
simply for the likes of a cutie?
I take that back
He's probably not even that cute
but because you think you can't do any better
you're too afraid to give him the boot.
The boot that kicks him out of your life
Refusing to continue to sell yourself short
As if you have to be desperate
And settle for less as a last resort.
No ma'am my sister
Your pearls are to be treasured
And your heart treated like gold
You are God's prized possession
Forget the lies you've been told
Lies that say you're unloveable
And the only way to receive is to put out
Lies that tell you sex and sexuality
Are all you're really about
Your body is a temple
Designed to be holy and pure
It is to be offered as a sacrifice
Of this, be very sure
Jesus paid a high price for you
Because He loved you more than Himself
The man in your life should follow Jesus' example
And place you high upon a shelf
The shelf of his heart, that is
Loving and respecting you for who you are inside
Not focusing merely on your body
Or the jewel between your thighs
But until you respect yourself
And recognize your own worth
You'll always lower your standards
And accept being treated like dirt
I'm not telling you anything
That I haven't gone through myself
But by the grace of God
I discovered that within me was wealth
Not the kind of wealth
Measured by riches and gold
But the kind that resides
Deep down in the very soul
A weatlh of beauty
A wealth of love
A weath of value
All given from above
If nothing else you take from this
If nothing else speaks to your soul
See yourself as God does
Beautiful, Valuable, Worthy, and Whole.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." ~Psalm 139:14~


  1. LOOOOOOOOVE This, Keisha!!!!!!!!!! Totally sharing this! This was awesome and YES you got skillz girl!


    1. Thanks, Kennisha!! Girl, I am NOT a poet. I don't know where this came from, LOL!!!

  2. Loooooove it. This is great. I think more people need to hear/believe this on a regular basis. Sometimes we all need a reminder, I know I do.

  3. Goodness! I love this! God has truly been ministering to my spirit through Genesis 1:26-27 this entire month of January! Being created in His image seems to be the message He has used through me as a ministering tool to share with all of the ladies I've encountered as they learn their worth! Do you mind if I share this with some of my girls as I incorporate this into one of my workshops? Please, please! LOL! I'll be sure to include your website and name at the bottom!

    1. Hi Lanita! Glad you enjoyed this! And I don't mind at all if you share this.

  4. I AM a poet and I love, love, love this. Let God use you some more with poetry. This is indeed a blessing!

  5. Hello LaKeisha,

    My non-profit organization has an event coming up in October here in Atlanta titled Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Can we obtain permission to read your poem at the event?

    Regina Coley

    1. Hi Regina,

      Thank you for your interest in my poem. You can most definitely read it at your upcoming event.



I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!