Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Consistent Persistence

Ladies, do you remember when you first met your significant other?  You talked on the phone ALL the time...most times just listening to each other breath!  Remember how neither of you wanted to be the first to hang up? "You hang up, you hang up. OK, on the count of three...1...2...3....I thought you were gonna hang up!"  (Ok, well maybe that was just me!!) You spent every available moment with one just loved each other's company and your world seemed a little better when they were around.  Remember how he'd send you flowers and shower you with gifts and compliments just because?  Bring back any memories?  I bet you're smiling just thinking about gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside, doesn't it?

When my husband and I first met 10 years ago, he worked overtime to capture my attention.  He called and came by and called and came by, took me out, bought me flowers and chocolates...did I mention he called and came by?!!  He made sure he did whatever he needed to do to make me notice him so that he could eventually capture my heart.  Ten years and two children later, I guess his persistence and consistency paid off! He sought after me until he found my heart. He was consistent with his persistence.

This is how God wants you to be with Him.  He wants you to be consistent in your persistence to draw nigh to Him.  God wants you to make Him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  He longs to commune with you.    Just as you want your significant other to spend quality time with you, so does God.  It is absolutely impossible to get to know someone without spending time talking with them.  When is the last time you had a talk with God?  When is the last time you set everything else aside and focused all of your attention on Him?  Sometimes God wants some just because time; He doesn't only want you to come to Him when you need something.  He is moved by consistency in prayer time...consistency in worship...consistency in service to Him.  It makes Him feel good to know that He is loved.

You see, when you love on God, He, in turn, loves on you and no other love can compare to His.  There's a song down in my spirit as I type this that says "Take me back, take me back, dear Lord, to the place where I first received you. Take me back, take me back, dear Lord, where I first believed."  New relationships are full of passion and excitement but oftentimes, as the relationship goes on, that passion and excitement fades or isn't as strong.  Well, if you take your mind back to when you first came to know Christ, maybe, just maybe, that excitement of getting to know Him in all his splendor will once again ignite and you'll find yourself seeking after Him as if you're trying to capture His heart for the first time. 

It's time that we, as Christians, get back to the basics of seeking God with our whole heart, consistently.  I think that many of us have become to relaxed in our relationship with Christ and take it for granted.  We've allowed the flame to die, but we've got to keep the fire burning.  Just as we want to keep the fire ignited in our personal relationships, it is imperative that we do the same in our relationship with Christ. 

If things have gotten a bit dull between you and God, ask Him to re-ignite your fire for Him!

Live more...worry less...laugh often!



  1. " God wants you to make Him feel all warm and fuzzy inside." I love that, Keisha! Amen!

    Congratulations on your blog "Divine Words". I LOVE it and will make sure to visit frequently!!!

    This is so wonderful. I can't wait to read more of what God has to write through you. Keep up the awesome work for the Lord, sis!

    Love and Prayers,

  2. Thank you, Kennisha!!! I appreciate the support!

  3. I love it and that is sooo true...God wants our attention....Ive learned a lil something from this.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Triena!!

  5. OMG Keisha I really LOVE your site, what u said is so true and not recognized as often, so thanks girl u just gave me the words I were looking for to find myself back to that place when i first received. God re-ignite my fire for you!!!!, I Love it and I love you


I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!