Monday, February 22, 2010

Believe In What's Within

Hi, everyone!  I want to begin by letting you know that I appreciate the support shown to me towards the blog.  It warms my heart to know that God's purpose for my life touches your life.  Every comment and compliment is greatly appreciated.  Please continue to pray for me as I humbly submit to God's plan for me.  It is only through Him that I am able to do this!

Now, I really hadn't planned on blogging today, but God dropped this in my, I guess someone needs this. Here goes...

There are times in our lives when we believe in everything and everyone but ourselves. We constantly search for mentors and role models, when what we are searching for already exists within us. Too often we minimize our own abilities and tend to believe that we need the abilities of others to accomplish our goals or tasks in life; we count ourselves out long before the referee blows the whistle.

As children of God, we have been uniquely equipped with the wherewithal to achieve whatever we purpose in our heart. Through the Holy Ghost, we have been given special power - “But the Holy Spirit will come upon you and give you power…” (Acts 1:8) This power dwells within you. You must believe that the power of the Holy Ghost can work in your life just as well as it works in the lives of those you look to for what you feel that you lack. Because you don’t believe in what’s within, not only do you tend to look for others to make things happen for you, but you are reluctant to branch out and do things on your own. You often convince yourself that you are incapable of doing great things because of things you've done, where you come from or things that have happened to you. This is exactly the mentality that Satan wants you to have. He knows that if he can handicap your belief in the power that dwells within you, he can steal, kill and destroy your purpose and eternal life...which is his ultimate goal.

What does it mean to believe? To believe means to have faith in, be certain of, have confidence in, accept as true or rely upon. You find yourself lacking confidence, which in turn causes you to doubt your own God-given abilities. Although everything we need to be successful already lies within us, we continually search for something or someone else for validation. We seem to have faith and confidence in everyone but ourselves; however, the main ingredient to accomplishing your goals in life is you. Yes, we often need support from others and of course, we need God, who is able to make all things happen; nevertheless, we must believe in the power that works in us in order to achieve our goals. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” You must learn to be confident in the power that dwells within you in order to make it work in your life; you must believe in yourself. You may wonder how can I learn to believe in myself? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Find out who you are – Get to know yourself through Christ.  Ask God to help you to see yourself the way He sees you.
2. Study who you are and get acquainted with yourself – Become familiar with yourself; be your own friend. I’m sure that may sound strange, but spending time getting to know who you are will help you become more confident.

Imagine yourself as a confident person, free from self-doubt. Hold this image in your mind everyday, until it sinks into your spirit. Whenever negative thoughts about yourself enter your mind, erase them immediately. Soon, confidence will become a way of life for you. God has already equipped you with every tool you need to become or achieve whatever you desire. It’s already within you, but you have to believe.

Til we meet again...

Live more...worry less...laugh often!!



  1. AMEN! Thanks for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and sharing this post, LaKeisha.

    I saw you on Dianna Hobbs' blog and decided to check you out and I'm glad that I did.

    Grace and Peace to you, my Sister!

    Genikwa R. Williams

  2. Hi Genikwa!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate the comment.

    Peace and blessings to you, as well!


  3. I love your writings. I hope you don't mind me posting some of your stuff on my fan page, hoping to reach out and help others like you've helped me. :)

  4. Hi Dee!! No, I don't mind at all. Where can I find your fan page?

    Thank you so much for reading the blog, and I am elated to hear that you've been blessed!


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