Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Wants Your All

Today, I'm experiencing an excitement that I haven't felt in quite some time. It's one that I can't exactly explain, but it's making me want to jump for joy. No, I haven't gotten a million bucks, a brand new house or car, or gone on a lavish shopping spree (although all of that would be great!).  But my excitement is deeper than that...goes far beyond the surface.  You see, I've decided to say YES to God with my whole heart and I'm excited about it!  God has been tugging at my heart for a very long time, but my own inadequacies caused me to run and try my best to dodge His calling upon my life. But, how many of us know that there's really no dodging God? If He wants you, He definitely knows how to get you!

About a month ago I kept hearing four words in my spirit Give me your all. And God began to deal with me on the matter. I remember saying Lord, what do you mean? Haven't I done that? He began to show me just what He meant in saying He wants my all. Though a lot of what He showed me is completely beyond what I feel comfortable doing, I made the choice to surrender...wholeheartedly.

In giving God all, we give ourselves over to Him...mind, body and soul. A surrendered heart says Whatever you say, I'll obey. This means that although our emotions may sometimes fight what God is saying, we put our feelings aside and just do what God said do; a yes spirit doesn't just say yes in words, but in action.  So often we tell God yes, but then when He reveals just what that declaration means, we go running.  But God is looking for those who will surrender their all to Him and follow where ever He may lead. He's looking for those who say Lord if you send me to the valley, I'll go; If you send me through the desert, I'll go; If you send me to preach, I'll go; If you send me alone, I'll go; Whenever, where ever, whatever...I'll go.

All God wants is your all.  When you give Him all you have, He will begin to shine His glory upon you and His purpose for your life will be made manifest. I am so excited about giving God my all! Will you join me in saying YES?

There's a song that is so befitting for what God is saying today...let the words pierce your heart.

Til we meet again...

Live more...worry less...laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

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  1. What a wonderful and on point post. And the blog looks beautiful, by the way Keisha!! I can't wait to see where this "YES" takes you... know you have my prayers.


I appreciate your comment. Peace and Blessings to you!