Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Hi guys!  My family and I are traveling today and my laptop is having a bit of an issue so I didn't think I'd be able to post anything today.  But my husband had to make a stop at a family member's house, so I'm making use of their PC to make sure I keep my obligation to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Before I jump into today's post, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and all the warm comments you give me concerning the blog. It means more than you know.

Since my husband just gave me the what are you doing, it's time to go eye, I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

In life, we will face times when the people around us are no where to be found.  Not necessarily out of spite or abandonment (though sometimes that may be the case, SMH) but sometimes the people that we need most are just unreachable. It's in those times that we must reach within and find the strength to be our own encourager.

If no one has or takes the time to pat you on the back, tell you you're doing a great job, encourage you to stay in the race or simply say You can do it, it's your own cheerleader.  I have learned that people aren't always going to celebrate you, for whatever reason, but as long as God is in your corner and you're doing a great work for Him then you can celebrate yourself.  It's not that you're being vain or conceited, but it's ok to say Hey, I think I'm doing a good job if I must say so myself.

Encourage yourself, cheer for yourself, celebrate yourself...because sometimes, if you don't no one else will.  Besides, when you're working for God, He's really the only cheerleader you need.  Because if you allow yourself to depend upon the approval or accolades of others, you will often find yourself feeling let down, hurt and disappointed.

So, today I have a small exercise for you.  I want you to stand in the mirror, pat yourself on the back, do a little dance and say go me, go me, go me, go me...

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

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