Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Light For Your Path

Hello Divine Words family! I pray that all is well with you, you are growing in Christ and He is continuosly pouring His favor upon you.

Today, I just want to talk a little bit about the importance of studying God's word. As scripture says, it is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. If His word serves as light, how can we see our way without it? How can we say we truly love God if we don't take time out to learn of Him through His word?

Not only do you learn more of God through the word, but you gain strength and wisdom.  If you make Bible study a part of your everyday life, you will find that when tough times come your way, you're able to bear it a little better because the word of God has given you strength.  When you're faced with big decisions, having God's word in your heart will help guide you along the way. 

You absolutely cannot make it along the path of your life without the word of God.  It takes more than just cracking open your bible on Sunday morning.  I mean, it's all good to hear a preached word, but it's even better to know it for yourself.  No one can lead you on your purposed path, except God.  How can you follow Him if you don't know His word? 

Today, I urge you not to merely read God's word for the sake of reading it, but pray for understanding and allow it to take root in your heart.  Make it a lifestyle. Without God's word, the path is dark. If you need a little light in your life, you can find it in God's holy word!

Til we meet more, worry less, laugh often!

Your sister in Christ,

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